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Roxanne Pattison Identity Designer

About Lustre Studio

My name is Roxanne. I specialize in minimal logo and content design. Condensing information in every aspect enables me to create a strong presence for your brand in the most delicate way possible.

I work closely with all my clients updating them regularly during the design process to ensure the best results. Transparency between myself and my clients is key to a successful brand, such as portraying your business values and maintaining clean aesthetics.

My services

Logo design

This is the core of your brand that will enable you to take the next steps in your businesses journey.

Brand Assets

Once the visual identity has been clarified, your brand may require additional elements that expands on the visual experience.

Brand Guidelines

You will be provided with a technical guide that includes your brand specifications. It is a valuable resource for designers and marketers to ensure brand consistency.

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A refined design process for a successful project.


Before creative work begins, I dedicate time to understand your business, your brand and your vision. Through the given information provided by you, I will do a tailored discovery to which I will then apply to the design process.

Brand Design

As the shorthand of your brand, the logo must be refined as an accurate representation, therefore when developing concepts quality over quantity is highly valued.


Once you have approved the designs, the files will be then provided. You will also get support and guidance when it comes to using the files correctly.

Lustre Studio Logos
Lustre Studio Logos
Lustre Studio Logos
Lustre Studio Logos
Lustre Studio Logos
Lustre Studio Client Logos


A revision is a minor modification of a selected concept to progress toward the final design.

Yes, in the branding guide you will see all relevant information regarding your brand including your colour palette and fonts used.

I personally don’t offer web design services, but its something I am looking to provide in the near future. I know a small team of web designers that I work closely with who I can recommend.

I currently don’t, however I can advise you where to go to get your media’s printed.

Vector artwork is built from vector graphics, which are images created with mathematical formulas. This resolution allows vector art to be used in a variety of forms, from small illustrations to massive billboards.

The social media add-on includes perfectly-sized versions of your logo for social media.

Includes your profile and cover photos For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Together, let's create something beautiful.